Summer officially started for us on June 6th.  The class of 2012 graduated on June 1st.  We had several students stay in our dorm until the 6th because of an international exam.  

On June 10th, we flew to Macau, China to meet with a Korean family that has 3 girls in our dorm.  We then traveled 10 hours by bus to the city of Nanning where they live.  It was a beautiful city, full of vibrant colors, tall buildings, huge mall and yes, even a Wal-Mart.  We had a wonderful time being with the family as they showed us around and we experienced lots of Chinese culture.

Back at Faith, most of the campus as well as our dorm, endured many projects, repairs and improvements.  The playground and pool were closed for about a month.  About two weeks ago, the pool re-opened and the kids have had several afternoons swimming to cool off.  

Josiah and Julianna enjoyed 5 days of summer soccer camp on the field of Faith Academy.  The camp started at 9am until noon.  While our kids were at camp, we were at a Boarding Home Parent training class.  It also lasted 5 days and was led by a couple from Australia.  The training class was from 8am to 4:30pm and included loads of information about boarding home parents responsibilities and duty of care to the students.  

Summer is not officially closed until the completion of the annual Faith Academy Staff Retreat. This year, we stayed on campus and used the beautiful facilities that God has blessed. The retreat was 3 days long. We had times of getting to know new staff, time of fellowship, gathered in small groups and supported each other through prayer and listened to several speakers talk about gratitude, our theme this year, We are excited about the upcoming school year and look forward to having “our girls” back in the home with us for the next 10 months!
Thank you all again for your support of our ministry while we serve Our Lord and invest in the lives of international and missionary kids!
Below are a few pictures of us with the Korean family we visited in China this summer 🙂

In Macau, walking to the border into mainland China

In Macau, walking to the border into mainland China

Outside one of the many malls in Nanning

Outside one of the many malls in Nanning

Jen and 1 of 8 Seniors we will have in our home this school year!

Jen and 1 of 8 Seniors we will have in our home this school year!

Julianna and Mr Song.

Julianna and Mr Song.

At the bus station in Zhuhai waiting for our 10 hour bus trip West to the city of Nanning

At the bus station in Zhuhai waiting for our 10 hour bus trip West to the city of Nanning

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Its the Most Busiest Time of the Year

To our family, friends and dedicated blog followers, we express our sincere apology for lack of updating. Although a common excuse heard from 90% of teenagers around the world, “the dog ate our blog page”…errh, uh not that one. I mean “we have been so busy.” As we have been finding out, May is a busy month here at Faith Academy, packed with loads of activities along with doctors, dentists and dermatologist runs as students prepare for the summer months, simply because its just cheaper in the Philippines.

So, with that said, here’s what’s been going the last 7 weeks:
All strings concert
Wolf dorm trip to Daranak Waterfalls (pictures on facebook)
Beauty and the Beast School Musical
All boarding Family Home weekend trip to Puerto Galera’s beach (4 hrs by car and 1.5 hrs by boat, one way)
Jen helping with Pre-K testing
Jen subbing for 4 days in elementary
Julianna’s birthday party
Senior night (All seniors sharing their future plans)
Junior/Senior banquet
Worship concerts
All staff end of year banquet
Dinner out with our Seniors
Piano recital
High school girls vs. women staff softball game
High school boys vs. men staff softball game
Taking Julianna’s pre k class on a field trip to an Eco park using our van.
Helping out in Josiah’s 1st grade swim class twice a week

In addition, this year is one of the hottest hot seasons on record in the Philippines. Each day, with humidity, has been close or over 110F for the last two months.

Certainly we are not trying to complain! Despite the busy, busy, hot days we have gone through lately, we continue to hold our head high as our ministry in the 2nd year as boarding parents has been very successful. We have been pleased with our group of girls whom we love very much and are proud of their accomplishments in the 2012-2013 school year.

We prepare ourselves to say goodbye to 2 seniors from our home next week. We will miss them dearly and will uphold them in our prayers as they go forth into the world of colleges and universities and beyond. Join us and pray for our seniors, Ha Young(Sharon) as she attends college in the US, and Hyun Seo(Grace) as she returns to Korea to apply for college in the Spring. Please also pray for students who will be flying to South Korea and China for the summer months to be with their parents. We look forward to next school year when they return and we do this all over again! 🙂

The two girls in the middle are the seniors in our dorm.

The two girls in the middle are the seniors in our dorm.

Our family picture at the beach

Our family picture at the beach

Julianna's friends at her birthday party

Julianna’s friends at her birthday party

All staff end of the year banquet. The theme was "Movie Night." Jen made the costumes

All staff end of the year banquet. The theme was “Movie Night.” Jen made the costumes

The bridge that crosses over to Daranak Waterfalls

The bridge that crosses over to Daranak Waterfalls

Junior/Senior class banquet night

Junior/Senior class banquet night

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Mission Night

On Friday, February 22nd, our church had their annual mission gathering. It is a time to get to know missionaries that are being supported through the church. It is a great time of fellowship, fun and eating. Like last year, our dorm was invited to set up a South Korean booth. Jen, our kids and 3 of our girls attended dressed in a South Korean attire called a Hanbok. They also brought with them two Korean soups, kimbap and spicy rice cakes. Jen and the girls made the foods from scratch at the dorm and then drove it over to the church.

The event is well attended and each booth is colorfully made with tasty food to go along with the country. Other booths included China, Vietnam, Myanmar, Ethiopia and Palawan (part of the Philippines). Here are a few pictures from that evening.

Group picture at the South Korea booth.

Group picture at the South Korea booth.

Josiah and Julianna and others enjoying South Korea's Kimbap.

Josiah, Julianna and others enjoying South Korea’s Kimbap.

Vietnam's booth

Vietnam’s booth

China's booth

China’s booth

Girls from our dorm wearing their South Korea's hanbok.

Girls from our dorm wearing their South Korean hanbok.

Our church is passionate about missionaries and supporting them. The church is spread through out the Metro Manila area in 5 different locations. It supports about 32 missionary families all over Central and Southeast Asia, Europe and South America. We often hear stories from the missionaries personally when they are in the Manila area or through our pastor.

It is amazing to hear of the work that God is doing through these missionaries and across the world.
We are reminded just about every week to lift these families in prayer. A lot of them are in closed countries to the Gospel and need to ask God to protect them as they witness to others.

Our girls thoroughly enjoy attending our church. We praise the Lord for his leading and provision to a church that loves Him and a place that they can be involved and experience a little bit of the community.

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Wolf Dorm and Talent

Just over two weeks ago, our dorm accomplished a great feat by working together and having fun at Faith Academy’s Talent Night!

This is our dorm’s second year in a row for performing in Talent Night. Last year, we sang “So Long, Farewell” from the Sound of Music. The girls have a blast when they are acting or singing on the big theater stage. It was especially fun to see them bonding together.

The girls did a wonderful job remembering their lines, places and making the audience laugh. Here are a few photos from that night.

After our skit, we had a handful of our girls continue in other various acts, such as singing a solo, playing the violin, piano and two girls involved in the skits with the emcees!


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Thank you to all our supporters


From the bottom of our hearts, we wanted to say “thank you” for those who have graciously given to our ministry so that we can be serving at Faith Academy with these Missionary Kids.

We are still blown away by how quickly everything came together when we started to consider moving overseas back in January 2011. In 6 short weeks, God provided a miracle for us by bringing in the one time and commitment expenses that we needed to make this become a reality. We continue to talk to other staff at Faith about that experience and the response is the same…WOW!

Our God is a great, great God. He has placed us right where He wants us to be. Josiah and Julianna are loving the school they attend, the friends they have made and the country that they live in. Our ministry is to live with 16 teenage girls, be responsible for them, teach them life lessons and above all show them God’s love through our actions.

Over the 55 years of Faith Academy history, it is filled with God stories of how He has blessed this school, and has brought along people and churches to help it be one of the top facilities missionary schools in the world!

Again, thank you to those who are giving. Little or big. We just want to let you know we love and appreciate you. God’s work is not done until He returns for His children. May we shine His light to all people and nations, furthering His Kingdom for His Glory!

Click on the link to see our family profile on our mission’s website, World Venture, located in Littleton, CO.

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Happy Birthday means hot lunch

What in the world are we talking about!?

Well, a Faith Academy tradition, which has evolved over the years, has it that every student in the dorm picks his or her menu for their special day as well as a hot lunch freshly prepared by our helpers.

The dorm parents bring all the food (main dish, vegetables, drinks, cups, plates, condiments, folding table and picnic blanket) to the school campus often under a shady tree from the hot sun. As our girls arrive to the “buffet table”, they wait for the birthday girl and all join in a very loud welcoming song of “Happy Birthday”. Several happy birthday signs are hanging around the picnic area so that other students can walk by to greet the birthday girl as well.

Our high schoolers are scheduled to eat first at 10:30am. Then Julianna’s class is done at 11:00am, followed by Josiah and our 3 middle schoolers at 11:30am.

Here are a few photos from a recent birthday hot lunch. We have 3 this month. 🙂

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Outside Dorm Life

We have updated you primarily about our ministry with the girls in our dorm. However, we wanted to give you a brief update about what we do OUTSIDE dorm life.

It truly has been a blessing to be a part of the World Venture mission organization. The group of WV teachers that are at Faith Academy are really awesome. Every month, we get together for prayer and to enjoy a finely prepared meal, and we all bring along sides, drinks and dessert. We try to plan our prayer times on our night off, so that we can join with them.

As dorm parents, we are given one day off each week. Faith staff sign up to be put on a rotating schedule for each of the dorms, to be with the students from after school (2:30) until 9:00pm. It gives us a few hours away from the dorm to eat out as a family or find an activity around the area. Our kids look forward to our evenings off, but at times can be pretty bored of going to the mall every week. We are thankful that we have a mission family that embraces fellowship time, community with others and lifting up prayer requests.

After the meal, we gather in a circle to share prayer needs with one another about our ministry, support level, relationships, health, etc. While the adults spend time with each other and talking to our Lord, the kids are busy playing games, building blocks, coloring, crafts. This year, there are 7 kids in our mission of the families that work at Faith Academy. Josiah and Julianna love being around their older 3rd generation cousins (Simons family) and even the younger kids in our mission. This has been such a blessing to us.

God is so good. Because most of the Faith staff are on opposite work schedules from us, these monthly mission prayer meetings are just what energizes us and keep us going.

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